5 Cool terminal tricks

Hi Guys today we will be doing some fun terminal commands.

They might not increase your terminal skills but they still pretty cool.

So lets get started.

1) sudo apt-get install cowsay

  • this is a talking cow that will say whatever you want it to.
  • type cowsay “Hi, how are you”
  • Dont like cows no problem type cowsay -l
  • Then cowsay -f snowman “text”

2) sudo apt-get install sl

  • Then type sl and watch the magic

3) Want to get your fortune told type sudo apt-get install fortune

  • then just type fortune -s
  • but that’s not all type fortune | cowsay

4) Want to look like a hacker type sudo apt-get install cmatrix

  • just type cmatrix and watch the magic happen ctrl c to break out

5) Burn the console type sudo apt install libaa-bin

  • then type aafire and watch the magic


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