Polymorph – Real-time Network Packet Manipulation Framework

Polymoprh is a framework written in the Python3 programming language that allows the modification of network packets in real time, providing maximum control to the user over the contents of the packet.

This framework is intended to provide an effective solution for real-time modification of network packets that implement practically any existing protocol, including private protocols that do not have a public specification. In addition to this, one of its main objectives is to provide the user with the maximum possible control over the contents of the packet and with the ability to perform complex processing on this information.

The modification of network packets in real time, often called modification ”on the air” consists of intercepting the network packets that circulate between two or more machines in the same network, in such a way, that the intercepting machine has the capacity to modify them and forward them in a consistent state and keeping communication between both ends stable.



Polymoprh is specially designed to be installed and run on a Linux operating system, such as Kali Linux. Before installing the framework, the following requirements must be installed:

apt-get install build-essential python-dev libnetfilter-queue-dev tshark tcpdump python3-pip wireshark

After the installation of the dependencies, the framework itself can be installed with the Python pip package manager in the following way:

pip3 install --process-dependency-links polymorph


Download and installation on Windows

Polymorph can also be installed on Windows operating systems. The requirements necessary for the framework to work correctly are the following:

  • Installation of Python3 (add it to PATH). Download
  • Installation of Wireshark (add it to the PATH). Download
  • Installation of Visual C ++ Build Tools. Download
  • WinPcap installation (If you have not installed it with Wireshark) Download

Once the dependencies are installed, the only thing that the user must do is open a console and execute the following command.

pip install --process-dependency-links polymorph

After completing the installation, Polymorph will be accessible from the terminal from any system path. It is important to note that in Windows, Polymorph must be executed in a console with administrative privileges.


Real-time Network Packet Manipulation Framework: Polymorph Documentation

Real-time Network Packet Manipulation Framework: Polymorph Download

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